plug lying next to outletA contest running through September will reward campus residents for saving electricity.

Contest poses inter-residence challenge to save energy

An energy conservation competition between campus residences will reward a group of students with a pizza party.

The “Save energy, preserve the planet” competition challenges students living in Alumni, Cartier, Laurier and Macdonald halls to reduce consumption of electricity through the end of September. The residence achieving the greatest savings over the same period last year will be treated to free pizza.

“We’re trying to encourage responsible use of electricity just by raising awareness of the opportunities to save,” says Tanya Basok, UWindsor environmental sustainability advocate. “Turning off lights when you leave the room, unplugging computers and other appliances when you’re not actively using them — these small steps can really add up.”

The competition is sponsored by the University of Windsor Energy Committee and the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee with support from the Windsor Inter-Residence Council.