Auditorium renamed in recognition of alumni contributions

University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman announced at the annual Board of Governors dinner Tuesday that Ambassador Auditorium will henceforth be called Alumni Auditorium.

Dr. Wildeman said the naming recognizes the UWindsor Alumni Association’s ongoing and significant contributions to the University.

“This building is a student centre. Rather than leaving past, present, and future students with the impression that the name of this room is somehow linked to the bridge to the U.S., it will now be named in honour of what our students become when they graduate,” he said. “I thank the University of Windsor Alumni Association for all of its support and efforts.”

Alumni Association president Jean Wright said its members are passionate about the University and the naming gratefully recognizes the huge role it plays.

“We are thrilled; this is wonderful,” said Wright. “The auditorium, located in the student centre, is the primary event venue on campus.

“This naming brings everything full circle. Today you are a student and tomorrow when you leave you will be a member of our Alumni Association — always looking toward the betterment of the University.”