Plan prepares for transition to UWinsite Finance

The UWinsite enterprise resource planning project team announces significant progress towards its implementation.

As part of preparations for the launch of UWinsite Finance on February 1, 2018, a transition plan has been developed to identify the financial services which will pause in January to allow for the clean transfer of data. Elements of the plan are very similar to the procedures implemented during the University’s normal fiscal year-end.

Key dates in the UWinsite Finance transition plan include:

  • January 12 – purchase requisitions, purchase orders and budget transfers will pause
  • January 17 – payment processing cut-off date for invoices and travel claims
  • January 24 – journal entries will pause

All financial services will resume post go-live.

Controller Gillian Heisz acknowledges employees across campus are an essential part of the transition process: “We appreciate everyone’s help ensuring the UWinsite Finance launch is a success.”

The full UWinsite Finance transition plan is available on the UWinsite Project website; read it in portable document format. Questions or concerns may be directed to Jenifer Gritke at or to Heisz at