Falafel wrapped in pitaFalafel on pita is one of the representative dishes of Mideast cuisine on offer Tuesday in the student centre Marketplace.

Marketplace menu going multicultural

Patrons of the Marketplace food outlet will have a chance to circle the globe during lunch this week without ever leaving the CAW Student Centre.

Lunchtime menus are going multicultural to coincide with Thursday’s Celebration of Nations festival.

On offer Tuesday, March 13, is Middle Eastern cuisine: chicken shawarma, beef shawarma fries, a vegetarian Mideast sampler, or a falafel pita wrap.

Wednesday, March 14, is dedicated to Thai food: pad krapow with fried basil and pork, gaen keow wan kai green chicken curry, a tofu stir-fry, or vegetarian pad thai noodles.

Traditional Nigerian dishes take place of honour on Thursday, March 15: Nigerian tomato stew, barbecue chicken drumsticks, jollof rice, or vegetarian bean and plantain porridge.

All these dishes will be served from the hotline station, open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.