Nintendo SwitchOne lucky residence student will win a Nintendo Switch gaming system for demonstrating knowledge of safe partying practices.

Activities encourage residence students to stay safe on St. Paddy’s Day

A week’s worth of sober fun for residence students will culminate early Sunday in a draw for a Nintendo Switch gaming console.

The “I Clover Sober” program is intended to provide residence students with alternatives to overindulging in alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day, says residence life team lead Lynn Charron.

“A lot of our students are underage and some make the choice not to go out to party on St. Patrick’s,” she says. “We don’t want them to miss out on having a fun and festive time.”

Activities held each evening through the week included an escape room, trivia competitions, and board games. Residents earned ballots by participating and answering questions on safe partying practices; they’ll be entered into a draw for the portable gaming system.

“Our events provide all students with an opportunity to release some stress, meet other students, and have fun engaging in some very green activities,” Charron says.

She says the focus is on safety rather than strict abstinence.

“We know that it is likely some of our residence students will drink on St. Patrick’s Day, so want to ensure they are equipped with information to keep them safe,” she says. “By providing it in a fun and entertaining way, we hope students hear the message and learn something.”

This year’s program was co-ordinated by Zoe Neale, the newest member of the Residence Services staff.