Peter Zimmerman, Pierre Boulos, Rita LaCivita, Daniella Beaulieu, Jeff Noonan, Alan WildemanOfficials from the University and the faculty association met Tuesday for the official signing of a collective agreement through June 2021. Standing: Peter Zimmerman and Pierre Boulos, co-chairs of the WUFA negotiating committee; vice-president of human resources Rita LaCivita and director of academic labour relations Daniella Beaulieu, co-chairs of the University negotiating team; seated: WUFA president Jeff Noonan, UWindsor president Alan Wildeman.

University and faculty officially conclude contract

The four-year collective agreement between the University of Windsor and the Windsor University Faculty Association represents a great collaboration, UWindsor president Alan Wildeman said Tuesday, as officials from both sat down to formally sign the contract negotiated last year.

“I want to thank the bargaining teams for the university and the faculty association for all of their hard work to achieve this four-year agreement,” Dr. Wildeman said. “It provides a very strong base from which to continue to support faculty, librarians, sessional lecturers, and sessional instructors at the University of Windsor.”

Faculty association president Jeff Noonan said that its membership is “very pleased” with the course of negotiations: “It’s a good agreement going forward.”