Grad student Kieran Hawksley describes his research project to two students.Grad student Kieran Hawksley (right) describes his research project, exploring coaches’ perspectives on the psychological skills they need to serve youth athletes with a disability.

Student work profiled at Kinesiology Research Day

Kinesiology Research Day, Monday in the Human Kinetics Building, featured four distinct sessions: the Kinesiology 180-Second Grad Thesis, Undergraduate Thesis and One-Minute Poster presentations, the Kinesiology Research Area Showcase, and department-wide research poster presentations.

Professor Cheri McGowan, kinesiology research co-ordinator, led the organizing committee but said the credit for its success must be shared across the entire faculty.

“Everybody comes together: students, faculty, staff and we all make today possible to showcase and celebrate student research,” Dr. McGowan said.

Bianca Sfalcin, a second-year master’s student, presented her research poster, “A Comparison of Inertial and Optical Motion Capture Systems: Joint Angles,” during the final session of the day.

“It was exciting to share something that I had worked so long and hard on,” she said. “Showcasing student research is important because it highlights some of the outstanding work and opportunities our students and faculty are working together on.”

McGowan echoed the importance of showcasing research within faculties, saying, “Research helps us move forward — we learn from it — it helps us both formulate and answer important questions.”

Find more images from the days’ activities on the Facebook page of the Faculty of Human Kinetics.

Ryan Donally

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