expense paperworkA change to the UWinsite Finance will make it easier to claim expense reimbursements.

Update to UWinsite Finance improves process for expense reimbursement

A change to the UWinsite Finance will make it easier for users to claim travel expense reimbursements.

Previously, expense claims could be submitted only against an individual’s primary account, and any research grants they hold. Effective July 1, the expense module has eliminated this restriction, allowing individuals without specialized access to the system (for example, general ledger users) to charge any operating, ancillary, or trust account combinations they are provided.

There is no change to research grants.

The system will continue to route all expense reports first to the traveller’s immediate supervisor, then to the budget owner of the account that was charged. The finance office encourages reviewers to consider all claims carefully before approving.

More information is available at www.uwindsor.ca/uwinsitefinance.