Ingrid QemoStudent Ingrid Qemo engages in public outreach as a volunteer with the Windsor Cancer Research Group.

Undergraduates to get front-row seat to local cancer research

This fall, the Faculty of Science will offer a new course for undergraduates to learn about the multidisciplinary cancer research happening in Windsor-Essex. Students will get to participate in brainstorming sessions with clinical researchers and medical professionals about funding, communication, and branding, which would directly contribute to advancing local cancer research.

Biology professor Lisa Porter says her hands-on Cancer Undergrad Research Education (CURE) course, 03-03-375, will teach students about the progress made to date, as well as remaining barriers, in treating all patients with cancer.

“There is an increasing demand for health care professionals who are capable of communicating the value of research and the current cutting-edge directions in medicine in an effective and ethical manner,” says Dr. Porter.

“CURE will bring students together into collaborative teams to design and implement tools to communicate cancer research to the public, to patients, to other students and to the government. It is a place where their ideas will directly contribute to moving cancer research forward in Windsor-Essex.”

The course also serves as an entry course for all students wishing to volunteer work, or enroll in a service learning course with the Windsor Cancer Research Group. It is offered to non-science majors as a science elective and can be taken as overload.

Sara Elliott

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