Trekz bone-conduction headphones.The Campus Bookstore is selling wireless Trekz bone-conduction headphones.

Headphones conduct sound wirelessly through cheekbones

Bone conduction technology that allows wearers to hear their surroundings make Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones the safest alternative to traditional sport earbuds, says Martin Deck.

Marketing co-ordinator for the Campus Bookstore, he says it is proud to offer a number of models with open-ear design.

“Your ears remain completely open to all ambient sounds,” says Deck. “These headphones deliver crystal-clear music while ensuring maximum situational awareness.”

Designed with athletes in mind, the lightweight and comfortable headphones are sweat-proof and secure even during long-term wear; a single charge will last for six hours of use. The wraparound headbands employ Bluetooth wireless connectivity to a smartphone or other device.

The Campus Bookstore is offering them for $129.95. Check them out online or in the store, located on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre.