Simone Matheson sitting with her feet in socks on table in front of herActing student Simone Matheson says that removing shoes indoors will make the campus a more comfortable and welcoming place.

Policy to create clean and cozy campus

A ban on shoes indoors will make University buildings more comfortable as well as cleaner, say students and employees pleased with the change.

“It’s going to be a lot easier to keep floors free of dirt and gum now that people can’t wear their outside shoes inside,” says Christina McGugan, a custodian in Essex Hall.

Under the Shoe-free UWindsor policy, which came into effect today, people entering any campus building must remove their footwear in favour of stockinged feet or slippers.

McGugan says the timing couldn’t be better.

“We’re just coming into the rainy season,” she notes. “Now we won’t have people tracking their wet, muddy boots through the halls. It’s going to be a big savings in time and money for the University.”

Simone Matheson, a third-year acting student, welcomes the campus-wide roll-out of a culture she knows well from the drama building.

“We do a lot of work on our feet,” she says. “In a lot of instances it doesn’t make sense for us to be wearing shoes.”

Students spend a lot of time at the University, so it does become their “second home,” says Matheson.

“There is something inherently more friendly and welcoming about going shoe-free. Being comfortable is definitely helpful.”

Brady Madsen taking off his shoes
Fourth-year drama major Brady Madsen removes his shoes as he prepares to enter the Jackman Dramatic Art Centre.