graphic reading "Save CJAM"Campus community radio station CJAMfm is holding a fundraising drive through June 7.

Fundraising drive to support campus community radio

Campus community radio station CJAMfm has launched a fundraising drive to help it replace revenues it fears it will lose now that the provincial government has mandated an opt-out for student levies.

Station manager Brady Holek said its staff and volunteers are trying to avoid shutting down or becoming a shell with a smaller community presence.

“CJAM is going to do all it can to survive so we can continue to provide students and the public opportunities to gain experience and skills that lead to job opportunities in broadcasting, journalism, and the music industry,” he said.

The fundraising drive began Friday and will run through June 7. The station also plans a new advertising and sponsorship package. More information, including donation and sponsorship details, are available on the CJAM website.