Siyaram Pandey holding up mangoesThe campus community is invited to taste mangoes with biochemistry professor Siyaram Pandey on Friday as a fundraiser for the Canadian World Education Foundation.

Annual mango party to help children from India and Kenya get an education

The annual mango tasting party hosted by biochemistry professor Siyaram Pandey will provide an assortment of mangoes from Mexico and India to students, staff, and faculty on Friday, June 14, at 3 p.m. in front of Essex Hall. Donations from attendees will support the Canadian World Education Foundation.

“It started because I really like mangoes,” says Dr. Pandey. “The idea came by accident because no one knew about mangoes, and that is a sin, you have to know about mangoes.”

Last year, the event raised $800. Pandey matched that amount for a total of $1,600 and has pledged to again match this year’s contributions to the foundation.

The charity has helped provide educational opportunities in India and Kenya to children whose mothers are widows and face financial burdens. Some students and their mothers have reached out to Pandey about his generosity.

“The assistance provided by CWEF to us at this time is no less than a divine boon for us,” says Nirmla, a widowed mother who has had help from the charity. “We are so indebted to CWEF who thought of us and helped bring life to our broken hearts.”

One student said: “I have been receiving your assistance since I was in grade seven, and now I am a second-year economics student. I know that I would not be successful in my life without the help of CWEF.”

—Dana Roe