Beth Daly, GrasshopperUWindsor anthrozoology professor Beth Daly with friend Grasshopper.

Talking Animals part of the job for anthrozoology professor

A new radio column on issues in human-animal interactions is an extension of her scholarly work, says Beth Daly, UWindsor professor of anthrozoology.

Her “Talking Animals” segment debuted Tuesday and will continue twice a month during CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning show.

“The work that goes into the column is identical to what goes into a research article,” Dr. Daly says. “You’re preparing to talk about what you know, and that had better be current research.”

The program’s producers frequently invited her as a guest expert to speak on human relationships with animals, and she was excited when they offered her a regular slot.

“I really love talking about these issues,” says Daly. “I think the public education aspect is valuable for the exact reason I wanted to teach these courses: the human-animal relationship is a huge issue in our environment.”

She has no fear of running out of material, noting she has already discussed a list of topics with the producers, but will also address current developments as they come to the fore.

“There is so much in the news,” she says. “Human-animal issues have been arising for tens of thousands of years.”

The first feature focused on protection of endangered snakes in the Ojibway Prairie Complex on the city’s west side. It is available through the station’s website.

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