Anne ForrestAnne Forrest will receive an Educational Leadership Award at the 14th annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence, Nov. 20 in Alumni Auditorium.

Educational leadership earns award for professor

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has awarded this year’s Educational Leadership Award to Anne Forrest, assistant dean for academic and student success in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

The award honours the contributions of individuals who have led significant and sustained initiatives to improve teaching, curriculum, teaching spaces and resources, and policies and procedures that promote effective teaching.

A nominator wrote of Dr. Forrest: “It is not hyperbole when I say that I know no one on our campus more deserving of this award.”

This sentiment was echoed more than once. Another nominator wrote, “To say that Dr. Forrest is a passionate, inspiring and innovative educator is an understatement and cannot truly capture the breadth and depth of her contributions to the promotion of high-quality learning experiences for all students.”

Some examples of Forrest’s educational leadership over the years include:

  • The development of the Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies and the Combined Bachelor of Social Work in Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies programs.
  • Re-design of the Liberal and Professional Studies program.
  • Re-development of the Labour Studies program into the Work and Employment Issues certificate.
  • Co-development of the Bystander Initiative to mitigate sexual assault.
  • Institutionalizing the Walls to Bridges program.
  • Development of an emergency fund for students of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Letters of support also focused on her positive impact on students.

One graduate wrote, “Beyond the classroom, she helped me hone my inner strength and acknowledge my full potential in both my personal and professional life.”

Forrest, along with other University of Windsor professors, will be honoured at the 14th annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence, Nov. 20 in Alumni Auditorium.