Katrina BahnamScholarship support has enabled Katrina Bahnam to be involved in many aspects of student life.

Donors give hand up to student leader

Receiving scholarship support has allowed her to focus on her studies, and on immersing herself in learning opportunities outside the classroom, says Katrina Bahnam.

A third-year student in the law and politics program, she earned a president’s entrance award, a Lumley scholarship, and a bursary named for late political science professor Martha Lee.

“One of the biggest worries for me in high school was how I would afford a university education,” Bahnam recalls. “The scholarships allowed me to afford school, but I still need to work.”

She holds campus jobs as a teaching assistant and a research appointment through the Outstanding Scholars program.

“If I could speak to some of the donors who support these funds, I would want to let them know how much I appreciate the opportunities they have given me,” says Bahnam. “It may not seem big to them, but to me it’s helping me make a difference.”

She plans a career in environmental law, acknowledging the ecological challenges facing her generation, but Bahnam isn’t waiting until she graduates to take on responsibility.

She serves as president of the UWindsor Mock Trial Association; the Society for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; and WE Students United — a campus offshoot of the United Way charity.

“Any sort of involvement can make a difference,” Bahnam says. “I feel very privileged to have received these honours.”

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