graphic reading "authentication" with series of locks

IT Services to launch new login process today

The first of two changes to authentication at UWindsor will be introduced today — Thursday, Jan. 16.

  1. If you are using Windows 10 on a centrally managed device, after logging into your computer, you will gain access to several UWindsor online resources including Blackboard, Office 365, and UWinsite Finance without having to re-enter your and UWin Account password. UWinsite Student will be added Friday.
  2. Otherwise, after logging into your computer, you will encounter new login pages when accessing UWindsor online resources. You will be prompted to enter your and UWin Account password. In addition, if you log into at least one of Blackboard, Office 365, UWinsite Finance, or UWinsite Student, you can access the others without needing to re-enter your credentials.

“With the introduction of this new login process, we want to underscore the importance of locking, signing out or shutting down your device when it’s not in use — even if it just for a moment,” says Marcin Pulcer, assistant director of client services, Information Technology Services. “Failing to do so could expose your accounts and confidential information to others.”

To learn more about UWindsor’s new login process and how to properly protect your accounts, check the email sent yesterday or visit the IT Services website. You can also ask a question or open a UWin Account ticket.