Maddie Renaud shows off a UWindsor offer of admission package.Maddie Renaud shows off a UWindsor offer of admission package.

Packages invite high schoolers to accept admission

With a mailing of personalized packages, the University has begun the task of converting its offers of admission into student registration for fall 2020, says Chris Busch, associate vice-president, enrolment management.

“It’s an important next step in our recruitment cycle, letting these high school seniors know that we won’t just admit them, but actively welcome them to join our UWindsor community,” he says.

The University sends successful applicants electronic offers of admission and follows up shortly afterward with physical packages to celebrate their acceptance.

They feature a box designed to match the viewbook applicants consulted during their decision-making process. Inside is a postcard with a personalized note of congratulations, a Windsor Proud drawstring backpack, and a booklet explaining the next steps in the process of becoming a University of Windsor student.

“The first thing is to get them to confirm they accept their admission,” says Busch. “We have a contest for them to share on social media their excitement about coming here, and invite them to our orientation programs: open house, Head Start, and Welcome Week.”

He notes the packages are a collaborative project of the Office of Enrolment Management, Public Affairs and Communications, and an off-campus print house.

“Our entire team is working to attract a good Class of 2024,” Busch says. “Thanks to everyone assisting us in ensuring healthy enrolment across the University.”