icons representing authentication options: smartphone, landline, text bubble, token?Tokens for multi-factor authentication are available for purchase from the Campus Bookstore.

Options available for multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) combines two or more independent credentials or “factors” — typically something you know (e.g. your password) paired with something you have (e.g. your mobile phone) — to create a second layer of security for your UWin Account.

In terms of the “something you have” or second factor, there are currently four options for UWin Account holders to choose from:

  1. Phone – Text me a code
  2. Phone – Call me
  3. Microsoft Authenticator App
  4. MFA token (hardware)

“We have just added the MFA hardware token,” says Marcin Pulcer, assistant director, Information Technology Services. “It is a small card that displays a six-digit code upon the press of a button.”

The advantages of the MFA token are that it does not require a mobile device, it is portable, and it will work anywhere.

The MFA tokens are available for purchase from the Campus Bookstore for $12.50 plus tax. A one-time set-up using a card reader is required to connect the MFA token to your UWin Account. This set-up can be completed by bringing your MFA token to the IT Service Desk located in the lower level of the University Computer Centre, during business hours.

A full description of the MFA second factor options, including the pros and cons of each, can be found in the IT Services Catalogue.

—Ericka Greenham