empty Turtle Island WalkProvost Douglas Kneale issued a statement addressing the Scholar Strike Canada call for labour action Sept. 9 and 10.

Administration offers accommodation of anti-racist action

The University will be flexible in accommodating members of the campus community who wish to take part in the labour action proposed by Scholar Strike Canada for Sept. 9 and 10, provost Douglas Kneale said in a statement released Tuesday.

Organizers are calling on academics to pause their regular duties to protest anti-Black police violence and anti-Indigenous colonial violence.

Dr. Kneale noted the University’s enhanced institutional commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and asked faculty members to consider alternative ways to demonstrate support without cancelling the first day of classes.

“Because students may not be aware of the action, we are asking instructors who participate to clarify in advance with their students how their courses will be adjusted to ensure completion of learning outcomes over the rest of the semester,” he wrote.

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