Kyle BrykmanBusiness professor Kyle Brykman is leading a study into how mental health affects an employee’s work behaviours and experiences.

Study probes links between workers’ well-being and workplace behaviours

A new study by a UWindsor business professor seeks to uncover the links between employees’ personal well-being and workplace behaviors.

The study is led by Kyle Brykman and colleagues at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. Focusing on full-time workers who report to someone else in their organizations, it is open to anyone aged 18 and older in Canada.

“This research flips our understanding of work and well-being,” said Dr. Brykman. “We know quite a bit about how work affects employees’ well-being but not that much about how mental health affects their behaviors and experiences at work.”

The $12,000 research project is funded by UWindsor’s Odette School of Business and Mitacs, a national non-profit organization that brings together Canadian academia, private industry, non-profit organizations, and government to provide research and training opportunities.

The study consists of four surveys throughout the month of October. Participants must complete the first survey to be eligible to complete the subsequent ones. Participants will be rewarded with gift cards for every survey they complete.

Brykman and his fellow researchers hope to have 350 people participate.

Since the survey is taking place during COVID-19, its results will be affected by the pandemic, Brykman said: “This study would be happening regardless, but do think COVID will have an impact on it and so we are going to account for that too.”

Brykman specializes in research into employee performance and proactivity. He has studied the subject both before and during the pandemic, and notes “This is my first foray focusing on employees’ mental health.”

The survey goes live Thursday on the Work & Well-Being Study website.

—Sarah Sacheli

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