Graphic designed by SMArt member Paola FloresPhysics faculty will deliver webinars on their cutting-edge research projects to inspire undergraduates. Graphic designed by SMArt member Paola Flores, a chemistry student.

Webinar series to inspire physics enthusiasts

A series of virtual seminars this semester and next will provide upper-level undergraduate students of physics an opportunity to meet with researchers in the field.

Faculty and adjunct professors will deliver talks on their cutting-edge research projects Fridays from 4 to 5 p.m.

Session 1:

  • “Skating on spin ice: A tour of frustrated magnetism and fractionalization,” Nov. 13
  • “Can ultrafast laser pulses make water magnetic? (Ultrafast pulse scattering by molecular clusters),” Nov. 20
  • “Healing Humanity One Spark at a Time: Diagnosing Bacterial Pathogens with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy,” Nov. 27
  • “New physics in atomic Coulomb explosions following nuclear beta decay,” Dec. 4

Session 2:

  • “Ultrafast and ultrasmall: manipulating individual electron motion,” Jan. 8
  • “Affordable Magnetic Resonance: from Million-Dollar MRI to A Backpack Scanner,” Jan. 15
  • “Neutrons for health and materials: New sources and opportunities,” Jan. 22
  • “Laser nuclear-spin-polarization and its applications,” Jan. 29
  • To be confirmed, Feb. 5

There is no cost to attend, but advance registration is required. For schedule and registration, visit the Seminar Series webpage. For more information, email

—Sara Elliott

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