Beth Daly and dogAnthrozoology program co-ordinator Beth Daly with friend Grasshopper.

Anthrozoology is no joke

While April Fool’s Day is an opportunity to have some fun, it is also a day to think creatively about our interests and hopes. Readers ready to enrol their furry friends at the University of Windsor based on a hoax story last week can still enrol themselves in its anthrozoology program.

“UWindsor is the only university in Canada offering programs in human-animal interactions,” says program co-ordinator Beth Daly. “Widely interdisciplinary, anthroozologists study pet-keeping, farming, animal research, conservation, zoos, animals in sports, vegetarianism, companion animals, and more.”

Students can pursue a certificate or a minor alongside their selected major. The anthrozoology program includes such courses such Animals in Sport & Entertainment, Animals and Humans in Society, and The Canine Impact: Exploring the Dog-Human Relationship.

Students can learn more about the program online.