students conversing onlineFree sample lessons will give future UWindsor learners perspective on what training in English for academic purposes looks like online.

Sample lessons to give taste of English Language Improvement Program

The English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) is providing free sample lessons to future UWindsor learners to give them perspective on what training in English for academic purposes looks like online.

In the past year, the percentage of students pursing English proficiency studies and residing outside of Canada has increased from 22 per cent in intersession 2020, to 71 per cent in fall 2020 and 85 percent in winter 2021.

“We want prospective students to know that if they choose to begin their pre-academic language pathway training online — while residing within or outside of Canada — they can expect interactivity and engagement,” says Anouchka Plumb, manager of language program for Continuing Education.

“This serves a way to demonstrate what we will be doing to support their English language growth. The curricular team has invested in a multitude of ways to enhance content capturing and delivery strategies to meet the diverse English language proficiency needs of students. Essentially, our goal is to set students up to succeed.”

The one-hour session includes an overview of Windsor-Essex, the University of Windsor, a targeted lesson in language skills, and steps to pursing education and language training at UWindsor.

The lessons have received positive feedback from the Bolashak International Education Fair as well as from participants in its most recent session, Dr. Plumb says.

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