cartoon silhouette of family cookoutA video raises awareness about WE-Spark Health Institute and how it can facilitate local research collaboration.

Bring your research appetite to find out what WE-Spark Health Institute is all about

Like the host of a dinner party, WE-Spark Health Institute asks its members to bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the table to spark new connections and ideas.

WE-Spark logoCreated by Ryan Palazzolo for professor Lisa Porter’s class in “Regenerative Biology and Disease,” this video was designed to raise awareness about the institute and how it can facilitate local research collaboration.

From think tanks to networking events, grant and education opportunities, WE-Spark offers services and organizes events to help spark conversations and set the stage for meaningful relationships and collaborations.

Whether you’re a nationally funded researcher, just starting out, a healthcare professional, educator, student, patient, or a member of the community, all are welcome at its table. Everyone can contribute to the health and well-being of the Windsor-Essex region. Watch this short infotainment video to find out how.

Hungry for more and want a seat at the table? Join up!

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