Chrysler HallThe launch of a new self-serve supplier portal will bring changes to the University’s procure-to-pay process.

Procurement office launching self-service supplier portal

The procurement office will launch a new self-service supplier portal in the coming weeks that will enable suppliers to collaborate directly with the University of Windsor regarding their invoices and payments, as well as self-manage their own profile information.

This will serve to streamline University supplier management, thus increasing procure-to-pay process efficiency.

On Monday, Jan. 31, in advance of the supplier portal launch, the Single Sign-On landing page will change for campus users. Users are directed to select Company Single Sign-On and will need to already be logged into Microsoft Sign-In page. If they are already signed into other UWindsor single sign-on enabled resources, users will be directed straight to UWinsite Finance. If not signed in, they will need to enter their UWindsor credentials. Multi-factor authentication will also be applied to users if they are off campus and not using the GlobalProtect VPN.

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To request a new supplier, University staff will submit a UWinsite Finance ticket and include basic supplier contact details to start the process. The procurement office will review the ticket and send the supplier a link to register its details into the portal. University links to the UWinsite Finance ticket will be provided closer to launch.

The new self-service registration functionality within the portal will allow suppliers to enter or update their contact details, supply their banking information, and submit the online form. A member of the procurement office will review the information for approval, then the supplier will be added to the system. This will then trigger a confirmation email to the supplier and the staff requestor will receive notification that their supplier has been successfully added.

“The new supplier portal will increase efficiencies within the procure-to-pay process by ensuring that supplier information is up to date and correct,” says procurement manager Charlie Simpkins. “It will also relieve the burden of staff members having to work with their suppliers to complete PDF forms and submit them to our team.”

Existing suppliers will be notified of the new self-serve portal by email and will receive a welcome kit to help with the new process. Some more frequently used suppliers have been included in the testing process. Direct questions on helping a supplier to:

Detailed information about the new process will be made available at when the portal launches.