Afshin RahimiEngineering professor Afshin Rahimi is the subject of a video profile by the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform.

Computing group shines spotlight on engineering professor

His partnership with a local startup to advance industrial automation has won notice for a UWindsor professor.

Afshin Rahimi is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering, and the subject of a profile by the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform.

Videos on Dr. Rahimi are part of SOSCIP’s Spotlight series showcasing original and thoughtful perspectives from leading entrepreneurs and innovators. It focuses on his work with i-50, employing computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence to improve quality check inspection on assembly lines, production lines, and even service work.

Rahimi praises the partnership, which won a Community Fellowship Award from SOSCIP.

“I think we have one of the best industry-academic relationships because they are a startup, I am younger faculty, and we are helping each other move forward in our objectives,” he says.

The videos profiling him consist of six segments:

Rahimi says he was honoured by the recognition for working to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

“As young faculty in engineering, I hope that it can help improve these practices in future as the graduates move on to the workforce and apply their learnings to their practices,” he says.

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