Dan Xiao with video crewPhysics professor Dan Xiao takes her turn in front of the camera for a series of videos promoting teaching and research in science.

Videos highlight science student experience

The Faculty of Science is collaborating with an alumnus director and producer to create eye-catching videos that highlight the exciting student experience and research taking place at the University of Windsor.

“We are creating a clear and exciting brand, and it has made an amazing difference to recruitment and our reputation,” says dean of science Chris Houser.

The latest four videos are featured on the faculty’s Science UWindsor YouTube site:

“We’ve made two Faculty Spotlight videos and they give us the opportunity to introduce our cutting-edge researchers — to give a face to the research being done in the Faculty of Science,” Dr. Houser says.

Sameer Jafar (BSc 2015) graduated from biological sciences with a minor in chemistry before pursuing a career in film and opening his own production company called BlackCat Ltd. He says his biggest goal in working with the Faculty of Science is to bridge the gap between scientists and non-scientists: to create accessible videos which will in turn build a well-informed community.

“We have created a series of videos that visualize Windsor’s competitive research and state-of-the-art facilities in order to bolster people’s confidence in attending the program,” he says.

Of all the clients he had worked with, Jafar says he feels most connected to the Faculty of Science for what it provided him as a student.

“My inspiring peers and the passionate faculty members motivated me to expand the limits of my knowledge while also allowing me to explore my interests beyond science,” he says.

“There were so many positive experiences that helped form the foundation of how I approach my work today. I want to keep encouraging that mentality within the program.”

Dora Cavallo-Medved, acting associate dean of science for faculty and student engagement, says it has been a pleasure to work with Jafar in creating the videos.

“Engaging our faculty and providing them a platform to showcase their expertise has been a valuable tool in communicating our research to prospective students, industry partners, and the community,” says Dr. Cavallo-Medved.

“And it has been even more rewarding that we have been able to do in partnership with an alumnus.”

—Sara Elliott

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