Course on Research EthicsThe online Course on Research Ethics provides ethics guidance that applies to all research involving human participants.

Course updates training on research involving human subjects

UWindsor researchers who wish to conduct research involving humans must complete a new version of the Tri-Council Course on Research Ethics by Jan. 1, 2023, advises Scott Martyn, chair of the UWindsor Research Ethics Board.

The Panel on Research Ethics notes the training entails nine modules, each followed by a quiz of four or five questions. New to the certification, a 25-question exercise tests knowledge on completion of the modules. All told, the course takes about four hours.

“Researchers can complete the modules at their own pace and in multiple sessions as progress will be automatically saved,” says Dr. Martyn. “How long they take to finish the course is entirely up to them.”

He acknowledges the significant contributions made by members of the University of Windsor community in developing this important educational tool, highlighting the efforts of Pierre Boulos and Bill Bogart, both members of the CORE-2022 sub-committee.

Find detailed information on the REB website.

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