booksThe Undergraduate History Conference will showcase student research Friday, March 18.

Online conference to showcase student research in history

An online conference Friday, March 18, will showcase the work of five students conducting historical research on a variety of different topics.

The Undergraduate History Conference is hosted by the Department of History and the History Students’ Association. It will run 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Presentations include:

  • “Internalized Oppression: Exploring the Nuanced Experiences of Gender and Sexuality in Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” Kendal Ryan;
  • “The Modern History of Croatia from WWII to Today,” Claire Prowse;
  • “Greece's Contact with National Socialism: A History from the Rise of European Fascism to the Modern Day, 1933-2021,” Andrew Farandatos;
  • “Influential Canadian Women in Early Cinema,” Brennen Siemens; and
  • “Skin and Bones: An Analysis of the Diet and Living Conditions of Enslaved Peoples in Brazil,” Calvin Barrett;

as well as a session providing information on the department’s graduate studies by master’s candidate Rachael Lauzon.

To receive the link to attend, e-mail professor Gregg French at