William Baylis standing outside Canada South Science CityWilliam Baylis, president of the Canada South Science City board, is one of the judges in a case competition to suggest new exhibits for the museum.

Competitors to pitch ideas for science centre exhibits

Teams of students will pitch their ideas for an interactive exhibit for Canada South Science City during the UWill Discover conference, 10 a.m. Friday, April 1.

Physics professor emeritus William Baylis, president of the Canada South Science City board, will be among the judges — and may implement top ideas in the museum, located in the former Forster high school on Windsor’s west side.

“Our case competition is providing UWindsor students with the unique opportunity to apply what they’re learning in class to a real-life situation related to science communication,” says Anita Hu, co-organizer with Madeleine Chang of the contest. “We are involving members of our Windsor-Essex community to make this event as locally relevant as possible.”

The exhibits must be budgeted at up to $100,000 and will be judged on realistic timelines, anticipated limitations, and potential community impact. Appropriate subjects span the arts — humanities, language arts, dance, and drama — as well as science, technology, engineering, and maths.

In addition to the possibility of seeing their ideas implemented, teams will compete for cash prizes: $300 for first, $180 for second, and $120 for third place.

The UWill Discover conference runs both online and in person through April 1, showcasing student research in a variety of disciplines. Find the full schedule and register to attend here.

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