chapbook coversChapbooks collecting works by creative writing students mark the end of the school year.

Publications mark year of creative writing

Students of creative writing produced four chapbooks collecting samples of their work, culminating in a gala celebration April 27 featuring recordings of readings by the contributors.

The four main classes in the creative writing program are workshop-oriented and hands-on, explains professor Louis Cabri.

“Students develop peer-reviewing skills on each other’s work, verbally and in writing,” he says. “They undertake writing assignments — challenging, and also unusually fun ones included. Students read a lot, too, published work selected by instructors not for how well it sold or even for its literary or social standing so much as for how it exemplifies what writing can be and do.”

Students in his two-term course “Creative Writing I” produced the writing for an 81-page digital anthology, The Trip. It presents the results of group projects assigned to bring students together.

“The course was fully delivered online, but they got to experience each other working with words, through these collaborations,” says Dr. Cabri.

Read The Trip here.

Other classes published chapbooks in print:

  • Taco Dinners by “Creative Writing II,” instructor Susan Holbrook, with cover art by Chidera Ikewibe;
  • Treasure Trove by “Creative Writing III,” instructor Nicole Markotić, with cover design by Miranda Janisse; and
  • Crabkis by the two-term graduate creative writing class, instructor Dr. Holbrook, with cover design by Kyla Chandler.

These beautifully designed chapbooks are available through the Department of English and Creative Writing; email Elizaveta Gorshkova at

The Gala Celebration of Creative Writing is available for viewing on YouTube. View it here: