Photo of bioart installation.Dr. Jennifer Willet presents a solo exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal.

Art and science collide in microbial exhibition

Dr. Jennifer Willet, Director of the INCUBATOR Art Lab will be presenting a solo exhibition at Ectopia Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. "When Microbes Dream" opens September 11, 2022, in partnership with IOTA Institute Gallery.

The exhibition introduces audiences to allegorical visions of biotechnology as a technology of abundance, rooted in interspecies collaboration and bespoke ecologies. Dr. Willet's work reimagines laboratory aesthetics as bountiful, feminine, and gaudy in direct contradiction to scientific norms. Several works will be presented including live specimens in conjunction with performative sculpture, large-scale installations, and a series of digital prints.

This project gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Windsor, Canada Research Chair Program, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Trade Commissioners at the Embassy of Canada to Portugal, and the Province of Nova Scotia’s Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

Dr. Willet extends special thanks to INCUBATOR Art Lab team members Billie Mclaughlin, Domenica Mediati, Angela Awada, Jude Abu Zaineh, Lisha Laing, Aleeza Tariq, Kadila Adili, Phil Habashy, Justin Elliott, Michael Lucenkiw, Gillian Hughes, Luke Maddiford, Ashley Hemmings, Megan Andrews, Hadia Nadeem and Lyndsay Mckay for their work on this project. 

Learn more at the IOTA Institute website.