Natasha Malakoti-Negad, Asheley Ortega, and Daniel Morales MaldonadoNatasha Malakoti-Negad, Asheley Ortega, and Daniel Morales Maldonado share a lunch at the welcome picnic for second- and third-year students, Friday in the residence quad.

Picnic serves as welcome for returning sophomores and juniors

A picnic Friday in the residence quad welcomed back second- and third-year students who were deprived of a traditional in-person orientation week by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gesture was appreciated by the hundreds of students who enjoyed everything from a box lunch to treats like ice cream and snow cones, to games and activities.

“We feel very special, finally getting to participate in Welcome Week,” said second-year computer science major Kelly Owenya. “We didn’t get a chance to do it in person last year.”

That is music to the ears of Phebe Lam, acting associate vice-president, student experience.

“We wanted to show our year two and three students that they matter to us,” Dr. Lam said. “So far, I have been hearing a lot of gratitude from the students here.”

Business student Daniel Morales Maldonado shared a blanket on the lawn with a couple of schoolmates.

“Free food, socializing with friends, what’s not to like?” he said. “I like meeting people, especially now that pandemic restrictions have lifted.”

Find photos from the event on the UWindsor Facebook page.