Cornelia LundThe Humanities Research Group presents art, film, and media scholar Cornelia Lund on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Researcher to discuss audiovisual documentary performance

For its next guest speaker, the Humanities Research Group welcomes Berlin-based art, film, and media scholar and curator, Cornelia Lund.

In her talk, entitled “Performing the real: when documentary practices meet audiovisual performance,” Dr. Lund will discuss her current research into a practice that combines elements of documentary cinema with live audiovisual performance. The free public presentation begins at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13, in the Performance Hall, SoCA Armouries.

Audiovisual documentary performances incorporate sound and images performed live and in real time. These performances create an approach to documentary that challenges the viewing and listening habits shaped by traditional linear or narrative documentary structures.

Lund will discuss how audiovisual documentary performances can be situated within theoretical discourses and documentary practices, including live audiovisual performance, expanded cinema, and a newly developed focus on the senses in cinema studies in general. Finally, she will ask how these performances relate to the larger context of cinematic and performative approaches sharing similar aesthetic concerns.

Lund works in research and teaching, mainly on documentary film and practices, audiovisual artistic practices, design theory, and de- and postcolonial theories. Since 2004 she has been the co-director of fluctuating images, an independent platform for media art and design.

The SoCA Armouries is located at 37 University Ave. East in downtown Windsor. To see the complete schedule of Humanities Research Group events planned for this academic year, visit its website: