parking garageThe “If you see it, report it” campaign calls on the campus community to report conditions that may present barriers to accessibility.

Campaign to raise awareness of accessibility barriers

An awareness campaign in support of creating an accessible campus calls on members of the community to report conditions that may present barriers, such as out-of-service elevators, non-functioning door actuators, or bicycles locked to wheelchair ramps.

If you see it, report it” is a project of the Accessible Employment and Customer Service Committee. Committee chair Diane Rawlings, department head in residence services, says it is intended to support not only people with a mobility disability, but anyone experiencing a temporary injury, pregnancy, low vision, a pain-related condition, cardiovascular disease, or other conditions that lower stamina.

“Helping to make the campus accessible is a collective responsibility and requires vigilance and compassion from students, faculty, and staff to inform Facility Services when issues arise,” she says. “We all need to be mindful of our surroundings and how things can impact our friends and peers.”

This semester is the first marking a full return to campus since COVID restrictions introduced widespread virtual work and learning. Some areas not used in the interim may require attention. Others may need repair due to their sudden use by thousands of employees and students.

To report an issue, phone maintenance dispatch at 519-253-3000, ext. 2850, or submit a work request to Facility Services.