Workshops to explore aspects of digital teaching and learning

The Office of Open Learning is launching a series of new workshops to support teaching with technology and exploring hot topics in digital pedagogies.

There are several new tools available to create engaging digital teaching resources, accessible online course sites, simplify creating accessible documents, and support more flexible teaching. The Teaching with tech workshop series explores practical uses of these new tools.

The Digital pedagogies series explores the pedagogical implications of the current era of rapidly changing and advancing technologies that all clamour for our attention. The series provides a means of looking forward to what is to come on this trajectory as students and faculty face questions of technocentrism, uncertainty, information abundance, and natural and anthropogenic disasters that we must collectively address.

“We are excited to explore emerging technologies and pedagogical trends with the campus, and invite everyone to join these important discussions,” says Mark Lubrick, learning specialist in the Office of Open Learning.

Some of the new topics include:

  • Using MS Teams to enhance your teaching
  • The future of classes with the rise of tools such as Chegg and Artificial Intelligence
  • Accessibility features of the new Brightspace learning management system
  • Preparing students for uncertainty
  • Creating, editing, and streaming engaging videos, and creating gradable video quizzes in YuJa
  • Recording and streaming live classes, including using the specially designed flexible delivery (hy-flex) classrooms
  • Choosing and using technology that is ethical, equitable, and accessible
  • Inclusive assessment in the digital era
  • Making the most of the new flexible active and collaborative learning classrooms on campus

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