laptop displaying ChatGPTArtificial intelligence systems, including ChatGPT, are the subject of a Senate Information Session on Friday, Feb. 3.

Session to provide background to inform Senate discussion

A Senate Information Session on Friday, Feb. 3, will focus on emerging artificial intelligence systems, including ChatGPT, exploring the potential impacts of these tools on higher education and knowledge work.

The Senate Governance Committee launched the Senate Information Sessions to provide members of the University Senate and the community an opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of strategic items placed on Senate agendas for discussion. Participation is voluntary and extended to anyone who would like to attend, not just senators.

Next week’s session, led by Nick Baker and Dave Cormier, will explain what ChatGPT is, its capabilities in its current beta form, and the opportunities and challenges it raises. They will discuss how instructors and students can best leverage this technology, where it is currently being implemented in everyday technologies, and current limitations and considerations for its use.

Join the conversation Feb. 3 from 2 to 3 p.m. on MS Teams.