Students petting a comfort dogThe organizers of Lancers Care Week activities invite feedback from participants.

Lancers Care Week organizers looking for feedback

Lancers Care Week 2023, Jan. 23 to 27, featured more than 30 events and activities to support campus mental health and well-being, presented by 40+ partnering organizations.

If you took part, organizers want to hear from you, says Katie Chauvin, mental health and wellness co-ordinator. To review the offerings that were provided during Lancers Care Week, click here.

“The feedback that we receive will help us shape our plans for future large-scale mental health initiatives,” Chauvin says. “We would like to hear from anyone who attended Lancers Care Week activities so that we can assess what worked well from a participant standpoint and how we can advance our future wellness offerings.”

Click here to access a brief feedback form.