Anatomy of an entrepreneur

Interview provides inside view of entrepreneurship

An interview with Connor Holowachuk (BASc 2019), co-founder of Eigen Fitness, is the first in the “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” series of videos planned by the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) to share the experiences of graduates of its programs.

Holowachuk, a UWindsor alumnus of electrical engineering, completed the RBC EPIC Founders program. He has developed two applications in the iOS App Store, designed custom printed circuit boards, and built an automatic reflow oven for small-scale surface mount technology soldering.

His latest venture, Eigen Fitness Nodes, has launched as wearable technology built for weightlifting, monitoring movement to prevent injury and optimize form. To learn more, watch Holowalchuk’s video interview with EPICentre marketing and special projects co-ordinator Layan Barakat.