Memorial HallA police training simulation will restrict access to Memorial Hall the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Police services to conduct emergency response training Wednesday

To help ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff on campus, the University of Windsor’s Campus Community Police and the Windsor Police Service will conduct an emergency response training scenario at Memorial Hall from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Regular campus activities will continue as usual, and Kevin Beaudoin, acting director of Campus Community Police, says not to be alarmed if you see Windsor police officers during this time.

“This training is a proactive measure to enhance our overall safety and preparedness in the event of an emergency,” Beaudoin says.

“The presence of armed officers during the training is solely for simulation purposes; there is no need for any apprehension. Our goal is to familiarize everyone with proper emergency response protocols and provide valuable hands-on experience to our officers.

“By working together and participating in these exercises, we can strengthen our collective ability to respond effectively during emergencies and protect public safety and well-being.”

Access to Memorial Hall will be restricted during the training exercise and community members are asked to avoid the area. Campus Community Police will also test the University’s emergency notifications system, which means employees and other registrants to UWindsor Alert may receive test emails and text messages.