bicycle rack on Turtle Island WalkA new lock rental service can help keep bicycles safe from theft.

Lock rental service to help secure bikes

A new service will help bike riders keep their steeds secure: the student experience office has partnered with the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance on the Campus Services Bike Lock Rental Program.

Students may rent a high-quality solid metal U-lock for $20 per semester or $40 for the academic year. This type of lock is recommended for parking on campus, says Kevin Beaudoin, acting director of Campus Community Police.

“Low-quality cable or chain locks do little to deter thieves, who easily cut through them with bolt cutters,” Beaudoin says. “A U-lock presents much more of a barrier to any potential thief.”

To rent a lock, visit the UWSA office in room 209, CAW Student Centre.

Beaudoin adds that cyclists should record details of their bikes — a photograph, make, size, style, colour, model number, serial number, and any special features — and register them with Windsor Police and to assist in identifying them in the event they go missing.

He also encourages students, staff, and faculty to report suspicious activity, especially around bike racks, to Campus Police by phoning 519-253-3000, ext. 1234.

Learn more on the Active Transportation webpage, under “Bicycle Parking on Campus.”