cartoon depictions of human headsA conference Friday will share expertise on the connections between brain injury and mental health.

Conference to explore interplay between brain injury and mental health

The University of Windsor is a sponsor of a conference bringing academic researchers, clinicians, and health care professionals to Windsor to share their expertise and knowledge on acquired brain injury.

The Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County hosts the annual conference, which this year explores the theme of current knowledge regarding the overlap of adult mental health and brain injury in terms of symptoms, and the current approach to treatment.

It will be held Friday, Oct. 20, in the Brown Auditorium at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, 1453 Prince Rd.

There will be speakers in the fields of neurosurgery, neurology, neuropsychology, neuro-optometry, and physical medicine rehabilitation. There will also be a panel of practitioners in the fields of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, vestibular therapy, speech language pathology and kinesiology. The goal is to benefit healthcare professionals, students, legal professionals, and non-treating professionals who play a role in providing care and knowledge to individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Caregivers and those living with a brain injury, insurers, law firms, health care professionals, students and employers are welcome and encouraged to attend so they too can explore and learn more about how to best manage the symptoms of a dual diagnosis of an acquired brain injury and mental health illness. This is especially important given the significant economic and emotional impact on employment, activities of daily living, education, avocations, and family life.

Speakers include:

  • Charles Tator, retired neurosurgeon and expert on brain injury and concussion, Toronto
  • Michel Rathbone, neurologist, McMaster University, Hamilton
  • Saadia Ahmad, neuropsychologist, Windsor
  • Keith Sequeira, physiatrist, Parkwood Hospital, London
  • Patrick Quaid, optometrist, author, and professor in vestibular-ocular dysfunction, Guelph
  • Ryan Punambolam, neurologist, Windsor

For more information, including registration details, visit the conference website or email