Employee Mental Health StrategyThe University of Windsor Employee Mental Health Strategy provides a roadmap to promote well-being and build a psychologically safe workplace culture.

University strategy to promote employee mental health

While workplaces can and should be a source of positivity, providing purpose, financial security, a sense of identity, and social connections, they also have the potential to be sources of stress that can negatively impact mental health and well-being.

As an employer, the University of Windsor understands that workplaces play a key role in promoting and protecting the mental health of employees. To promote, protect and support employee mental health, the Office of the Vice-President, People, Equity, and Inclusion is launching the University of Windsor Employee Mental Health Strategy. It provides a roadmap to promote mental health and well-being, minimize workplace risks to mental health, support employees throughout the mental health continuum, and build a psychologically safe workplace culture.

“People are at the heart of our institution. The University of Windsor is committed to being a people-centred place to learn and work. This means putting the well-being of our people at the forefront of what we do,” says Clinton Beckford, vice-president, people, equity, and inclusion.

“We strive to create a culture of equity, inclusion, belonging, and dignity, which provides an environment for all to flourish as we deliver on our academic mission. A healthy and safe work environment is fundamental to this.”

The development of the strategy is one of the key actions emerging from the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey and a foundational commitment of the Aspire: Together for Tomorrow Strategic Plan. The strategy was led and developed by the Employee Mental Health Steering Committee, composed of faculty and staff with knowledge, passion, and commitment to mental health.

To move from strategy to action, the EMHS Implementation Working Group is co-led by Kyle Brykman, assistant professor in the Odette School of Business, and Marcela Ciampa, director of organizational and leadership development.

“Research across academia and industry shows that psychological safety is the most important ingredient for a high-functioning team and organization,” says Dr. Brykman. “I’m excited to embark on this mission of creating an environment where people feel safe expressing themselves and commit to learning from each other.”

Ciampa says the implementation of this strategy will be critical to achieve its vision: “A caring, connected and compassionate campus culture where mental health and psychological safety are embedded and integrated into every facet of the University of Windsor experience.”

She also extends special thanks to the members of the Employee Mental Health Steering Committee and Campus Mental Health Working Group for their dedication and contributions to the development of this strategy.

The strategy document is available on the Office of the Vice-President, People, Equity, and Inclusion Employee Mental Health Strategy website. A formal launch event is planned for November with more information to follow.