Norma Nizam, Sefat Uddin Samee, Natalie George, and Raya MazharOdette Debate Club members Norma Nizam, Sefat Uddin Samee, Natalie George, and Raya Mazhar.

Debate club represents business school on world stage

In October, the Odette Debate Club achieved unprecedented success in the North American debating circuits, marking a significant milestone for the University of Windsor. The club, representing the University, demonstrated talent and dedication, highlighting their prominence in the debating community.

One of their notable achievements was at the American Parliamentary Debate Association tournaments held at Harvard University, and an online tournament held by Williams College, where Odette attended as the sole Canadian representative.

Simultaneously, novice members Abhilaksh Dhankar and Sefat Uddin Samee made their debut in the Canadian Universities Society for Intercollegiate Debate circuit, participating in an international online tournament hosted by the University of Western Ontario Debate Society. Engaging in intense debates, they showcased their skills on an international stage.

A defining moment for the club was members’ venture into the challenging British Parliamentary debate format, spearheaded by club president Natalie George and team captain Sefat Uddin Samee. This move led them to the Hart House Inter-Varsity tournament organized by the University of Toronto. The Windsor UF team of Umayer Khan and Faraan Rashid qualified for knockout rounds in the novice category, a significant accomplishment given the calibre of the competition. Additionally, Samee ranked fifth-best English as Second Language speaker in the novice category, further solidifying Odette’s standing among top-tier institutions.

The Odette Debate Club is grateful for the support received from the Odette School of Business, Richard Peddie, and faculty advisor Ira Cohen, and is committed to ongoing hard work and dedication, aiming for continued success in tournaments across North America.

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