Student Perceptions of Teaching formStudents will complete the Student Perceptions of Teaching online from Nov. 22 to Dec. 6.

Surveys to measure student perceptions of teaching

Starting this semester, the University of Windsor is implementing the Senate approved Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPTs), formerly the Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs).

Dennis Jackson, faculty member in the Department of Psychology, and Erika Kustra, acting associate vice-president academic, are the co-chairs of the SPT Steering and Implementation Committee.

Dr. Jackson notes that “the SPT provides a summary of students’ perceptions of instruction and course characteristics to instructors, which can provide valuable feedback to instructors on their teaching effectiveness and the overall value of the course and may be considered as part of an instructor’s performance review as well as tenure and promotion decisions.”

SPT forms are completed online and are available during the last two weeks of class, Nov. 22 to Dec. 6. They take about 10 minutes to complete; instructors are responsible for providing 15 minutes of class time for students to complete the form.

Students are requested to provide constructive feedback that focuses on aspects of the teaching or the course. Responses are confidential and only summary information, not individual responses, will be seen by instructors. Consistent with Senate policy, written comments will be provided only to instructors, without connecting them to answers to other questions, and they will be provided verbatim.

Students are encouraged to avoid discussing anything that may be traceable, such as specific conversations or incidents. The redesign provides enhanced transparency, usability, and efficiency of the approach to gathering feedback on student experience.

Instructions on how to access and complete the online Student Perceptions of Teaching form (SPT) are available at  “ask.UWindsor - How do I access and complete an online SPT?

If you encounter a technical issue completing a SPT form through UWinsite Student, submit a ticket here.

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