hands on computer keyboardA workshop March 14 promises an Introduction to Literature Searching with Artificial Intelligence.

Workshop to explore literature searching using artificial intelligence

In today’s dynamic research environment, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) introduces new ways to conduct literature searching and reviews that present both benefits and reasons for caution.

To equip students and researchers with essential skills and literacies for navigating this new technology, a workshop titled “Introduction to Literature Searching with Artificial Intelligence” is scheduled for March 14, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. both in person at the Leddy Library and online.

“AI is a technology that is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives and many AI tools that purport to act as research assistants have popped up in the market over the past few months,” says Roger Reka, electronic resources librarian. “Some of these tools will help you to search for information, and in some cases even synthesize papers for you — but we have to know how they operate and be critical of the responses generated.”

The workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of AI applications tailored for searching the scholarly literature. Topics include reviewing the capabilities of AI applications, the limitations and reliability of generated responses, and the responsible use of these technologies in the academic and publishing environments.

The Leddy Library team is available to assist the campus community in navigating the world of AI in research by providing guides about the available tools, their functionalities, and the ethical considerations tied to their use.

In addition to the upcoming workshop, the library recently published AI-focused research guides for faculty and students, along with a blog post to help the campus community better understand the AI landscape.

“Ultimately we want to help people learn about what AI tools are out there, how they work, and how to use them effectively and ethically for research purposes,” Reka says.

The workshop is designed to introduce fundamental AI literacies essential for navigating the scholarly environment effectively. Register online.

Learn about other library workshops on the Leddy Library website.

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