Una Lee placing rubber gloves in collection boxChemistry lab technician Una Lee places disposable rubber gloves in a collection box for recycling.

Program to recycle personal protection

A new program of the Chemical Control Centre and Office of Sustainability will reduce waste sent to landfill — recycling disposable gloves and other forms of personal protective equipment.

“We will collect any type of disposable gloves and other PPE — gowns, masks, hair or shoe covers — and ship them to a Go Zero Recycle facility where it is sorted, shredded, and melted down to pellets to be repurposed,” says hazardous material technician Tina Lepine. “We are inviting all departments and labs to take part in this ‘zero waste to landfill’ initiative.”

She outlines four steps to participate:

  1. Contact the Chemical Control Centre to request a labelled collection bin, or re-use any box with the printable labels.
  1. Place used PPE in the collection bin instead of the trash.
  2. Once the collection bin is full, contact the centre to exchange for a new one.
  3. Continue collecting and educate staff, new hires, and colleagues that make use of PPE.

“This new initiative will advance more sustainable management practices within labs and other departments, as we work together to do our part,” says sustainability officer Nadia Harduar. “We are happy to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.”

Request a labelled collection bin or direct other questions to ccc@uwindsor.ca.

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