Kim NelsonFilm professor Kim Nelson will launch her book "Making History Move" with a party Saturday at Biblioasis.

Local launch Saturday to celebrate film professor’s book

The local launch for film professor Kim Nelson’s book, Making History Move: Five Principles of the Historic Film, is planned for Saturday, April 13, at Biblioasis.

“I began researching and writing this book in 2016. Although book writing is much more solitary than filmmaking, launching it into the world is so exciting,” says Dr. Nelson, associate professor of film in the School of Creative Arts.

Nelson is thrilled to celebrate the book with everyone, including the community of people who supported it: Leddy librarians, who processed well over 100 of her interlibrary loans; Esther Van Eek in the School of Dramatic Art, who helped Nelson with costuming the cover image; School of Creative Arts alum Brodie MacPhail who provided graphic design; and professors Rob Nelson and Nick Hector, who proofread every word.

The five principles discussed in-depth in the book were covered in a DailyNews article on March 7.

Saturday’s event will be a fun party and all are welcome, Nelson says. It gets underway at 7 p.m. at the bookshop, 1520 Wyandotte St. East.

Nelson also hosts a podcast called Moving Histories where she and fellow film professors Robert Burgoyne and John Trafton discuss historical films, including this year’s Oscar nominees.

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