Vanessa Mio-Quiring and Michael KarloffInstructors Vanessa Mio-Quiring and Michael Karloff lead the UWindsor Lab School summer programs for strings and jazz.

Summer music and jazz programs promise memorable experiences for youth

The School of Creative Arts, in collaboration with Continuing Education, announces the return of the UWindsor Lab School: Summer Music Program, with the addition of the Summer Jazz Program. Both offerings provide a unique opportunity for students to engage with UWindsor faculty.

Students ages 4 to 17 who attend the Summer Music Program will engage in group lessons in strings (violin, viola, cello, string bass), improvisation and composition, along with visual art experiences in SoCA’s studios, with a final performance to close the week. Class will take place daily from July 8 to 12, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Vanessa Mio-Quiring, director of the University of Windsor Lab School and instructor for the Summer Music Program, aims to foster musical growth through engaging experiences.

“The summer program is a fantastic way for students to develop their technique and musicianship in a focused environment with like-minded peers, while also having fun musical experiences through improvisation and composition, theory, and ear training, along with fun visual art activities planned for students — perfect complement to their music studies,” says Dr. Mio-Quiring. “The best part about any summer program is lasting friendships and a collaborative performance to celebrate their work at the end of the week!”

The new Summer Jazz Program takes place the following week and is geared toward high school students ages 14 and up. Students will engage in jazz jam sessions, small-group combo rehearsals, big-band rehearsal, and masterclasses in jazz theory, harmony, and improvisation. Program instructor Michael Karloff is a faculty member in the School of Creative Arts, and is an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, and musical director.

“In jazz, storytelling through music is essential, embracing unpredictability is key, and the pursuit of individual expression is paramount,” says Karloff. “To embark on this musical journey, dedication is crucial: mastering your instrument, understanding music theory deeply, honouring jazz's great improvisers, and maintaining an unyielding thirst for self-discovery. We’re excited to help students get started as we share the secrets to learning how to play jazz!”

Upon registration for the jazz program, a short audition video link will be required.

The program will take place at the Windsor Armouries – School of Creative Arts.

Parents are encouraged to enrol their young musicians in one or both programs for an invaluable opportunity to learn in a group setting, explore new artistic horizons, and make lasting memories through social experiences.

Visit the Lab School’s summer program page to learn more and register.